Work remotely anywhere in the world with The Adams Agency Internship Program!

The Adams Agency strives to propel interested professionals to reach their own mark in the world. We look for driven, passionate and ambitious professionals who think outside the box.

Here are our specific internship programs:

  • Public Relations Internship

  • Social Media Internship

  • Blogging/Writing Internship

  • Creative Team Internship

The internship program is a 3-month minimum to 6-month commitment. This internship is open to anyone and everyone whether you are undergrad or are a recent graduate. We look for individuals who majored in or have experience in PR, Marketing, Journalism, Digital Media, Photography, Creative Direction, Videography, Web Design and Graphic Design.

Internship program logistics… 

  • This is an UNPAID INTERNSHIP and can be completed remotely.

  • Candidates must complete the online application to its entirety.

  • Candidates, if selected, must submit an end-of-week report to The Adams Agency’s selected task management system.

  • The intern must be able to attend bi-weekly phone conferences and events and meetings located in the state they are located.


  • Each intern will be required to have a physical or digital (like website) portfolio. Our CEO will meet with each intern monthly to ensure the portfolio is up to date, creative and can ensure future success at the conclusion of the internship.

  • Interns can utilize this internship as a college credit, if approved by the university.

  • A Recommendation Letter

  • Certificate of Completion

  • Resume development assistance from our CEO

  • A chance to become an official paid member at The Adams Agency + Studios.

  • Sit in on meetings, client calls

  • Learn the back-end of running a business


As an intern at The Adams Agency + Studios, you can be responsible for assisting with implementing various projects within  specific client accounts, working closely as a unit to complete related tasks. Of course, certain tasks may or not apply to the internship that you apply for, but this is what can be expected.

  • Drafting pitches, fact sheets, memos and much more

  • Learning the basics of your clients’ business – i.e. product/service offerings, media targets, and competitors, and more

  • Monitoring client and competitor media coverage and drafting coverage recaps

  • Updating media lists and pitching media contacts, under the direction of the senior publicist

  • Assisting with the preparation of press kits for distribution

  • Assisting with meeting logistics, updated work-back schedules and more based on projects

  • Participating in creative brainstorms when invited by the senior publicist

  • Conducting Social Media Management for the company and clients

  • Staying up-to-date on industry news and trends.

  • Assisting with event planning

  • Staffing and attending media events

  • Brainstorming on client campaigns. PR and social media related as well as creatively speaking.

  • Update social media of clients and business

  • Assist CEO with brainstorming on creative videos, photoshoots, media kits, and website developments for clients

  • Post engaging, inspiring and related content to The Adams Agency blog.


  • A basic understanding of research and media list building tools

  • Solid organizational skills and the ability to adapt to new conditions, assignments and deadlines

  • Knowledge of Google Docs

  • Superior verbal and written communication skills

  • Demonstrated ability to become a strong writer 

  • Familiarity with the public relations and communications disciplines through past coursework or other internships 

  • Currently in Undergrad or have graduated, or a graduate student or have graduated

  • Developed interpersonal skills and the ability to work effectively with a variety of clients and team members across multiple accounts

  • Basic understanding of social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube.)

  • Self-innovation skills (Asking for work, turning assignments in well before the due deadline, and asking to learn certain things is highly recommended for success in this internship.)

Basic Qualifications:

You must have an interest in public relations, communications, social media, photography, videography, website design, and possess good interpersonal and communication skills. Most importantly, be able to work with a dynamic team.

Before Applying:

  • Social Media pages must be public

  • Must have professional head shots

  • Must submit a resume

  • Applications, Cover Letter, Writing Sample and Resume must be submitted together to or the application link below.

  • Please be mindful of the term being applied to (Summer, Fall, Winter/Spring)

  • Any incomplete applications will not be considered

  • Interns will receive a mid-term review of their performance. If the intern isn’t at least at a 75% completion rate of the internship they can be placed on a 30-day probation period or released effective immediately.

Our main goal with our internship program is to empower you, instill confidence and equip you with skills you need to excel at the next stage in your life. Our agency is focused on passion, boldness and creativity. At the conclusion of your internship you will be able to embody all of those things.

Our hope is that you fall more in love with you passions and if you don’t know your passion or purpose yet in life, you leave knowing a lot more than you did before.